Simple Solutions for Complex Connections

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Simple Solutions for Complex Connections

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About EVAL DeFi Ecosystem:

The EVAL DeFi Ecosystem comprises two coins: EVAL and stablecoins family USDT and others. EVAL is a cryptocurrency which provides significant bonuses for Deposit, Crypto Loans and other services inside EVAL DeFi .

EVAL DeFi lending

EVAL DeFi wallet


Key Components of EVAL DeFi



EVAL DeFi application is open source. Open source coding refers to the fact that the coding is made public, it provides more confidence in the platform because users can rest assured that no hidden malicious coding operating in the background.



EVAL DeFi provides the world with new levels of transparency. Since most EVAL DeFi apps function on public blockchains: Tron, all transactions are publicly available. In fact, all activity on the blockchain is public. The main difference in this approach versus a traditional bank account is that the accounts are not tied to anyone directly.


Global Audience

Dapps represent an expansion in the way developers envision financial platforms. Anyone from around the world can participate in EVAL DeFi platforms. You just need a Smartphone with internet access and you can enter the DeFi community in minutes. Consequently, DeFi Dapps have the ability to provide the unbanked of the world with access to financial services for the first time in recorded history. This openness is a huge upgrade from the current banking system that leaves around 40% of the global population without any form of banking.



Another pillar of the DeFi community is interoperability. Interoperability is critical because it ensures that as more developers enter the space, all the previous work is not lost. Instead, users can stack their DeFi products to expand their exposure to this new age economy.



Due to the open nature of the DeFi environment, developers are able to exercise more flexibility in their platforms. Users gain considerable options through the integration of third-party application integrations as well.

Our Team

Edward Vogel

Strategic Business Development

He has been interested in the world of cryptocurrencies since 2014. He has explored developing or participating in mining and other related crypto projects. He has vast experience in real estate and finance. He has held his real estate license for over a decade being a top producer and leading many successful real estate investment companies and ventures. He obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Justin Jordan

IT & Blockchain Development

As Bitcoin Core Developer, he developed and implemented the Bitcoin Exchange and other Bitcoin projects.
He has extensive experience of 11 years in the development and implementation of web solutions for private institutions.
Developer specialized in ASP.NET C#, Php Codeignater, Java, Solidity for Ethereum, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and MySQL databases.

Arthur Chapman

Lead Blockchain and Full Stack Developer

He has nearly 15 years of experience in software development, design and consultancy with fortune 500 companies and startups.
He brings a wealth of experience in security, unifed communications, and blockchain technology.
He is a technical advisor to several startups including Evaldefi

Pedro Jones

Technical Project Manager

He is a Responsive and Resourceful Project Manager with 7+ years of experience pushing the limits on creating value for organisations with audacious missions.
He’s worked across the spectrum from early stage blockchain startups, all the way up to managing 50+ software engineers (Web developers, C#, C++, NodeJS). He’s also worked with Blockchain projects (Embedded Software, SaaS, DApps, Mobile DApps, and API Development).