ecosystem eval defi

DeFi wallets are at the core of the concept of being your own bank. They allow freedom, accessibility and transparency, all while ensuring the user is still in charge of their own funds.

ecosystem eval defi

The main purpose of a EVAL DeFi wallet is to allow users to store their own funds with no reliance on a third party to hold their assets. Essentially, it leaves you in charge of your funds with the full freedom to do as you please. The only person in charge of your funds is you.

ecosystem eval defi

Unlike centralized wallets, DeFi users do not have to verify their identity or provide any background information. The anonymity of DeFi wallets is appealing to many and means that your identity is never at stake.

ecosystem eval defi

The majority of DeFi wallets are Tron-native, which means that they support Ether, TRX token. Additionally, most DeFi tokens are supported since they are also built on the Tron blockchain.


Users are able to send and transfer funds with the knowledge that they are the only person who has access to those funds.


All non-custodial wallets have a unique keypair and the user is responsible for the safekeeping of their private keys. This is different from a centralized wallet where the platform may be able to help you recover your keys.


As mentioned earlier, almost all DeFi wallets are accessed by connection to a web3 wallet. Mobile wallets are beginning to focus on compatibility, meaning that you can connect to DeFi applications without having to leave the app.


Nearly all non-custodial wallets can hold a wide variety of virtual assets. Tron-specific DeFi wallets allows users to not only deposit ETH, but also other stablecoins and DeFi tokens.

Eval payment

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eval payment

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• Peer-to-peer payment is arguably the foundational use case of the EVAL DeFi space and of the blockchain ecosystem at large. Blockchain technology is architected so that users can exchange cryptocurrency securely and directly with one another, without middlemen.

• Eval DeFi payment solutions are creating a more open economic system for underbanked and unbanked populations and also helping large financial institutions streamline market infrastructure and better serve wholesale and retail customers.

EVAL Stable coin

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Simple Solutions for Complex Connections

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Simple Solutions for Complex Connections

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A stablecoin is any cryptocurrency that is pegged to a stable asset or basket of assets, such as fiat, gold, or other cryptocurrencies. Stablecoins were originally developed to reduce the volatile prices of cryptocurrency and make blockchains a viable payment solution. They are now implemented across the DeFi space for remittance payments, lending and borrowing platforms, and even institutional use cases like central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Once the Stablecoin EVAL has been generated it can be used exactly like Bitcoin or Tron. Which means that it can be transferred between account or simply held in the Wallet. The Target Price for one EVAL is 1 USD which means that it is 1:1 pegged to the US Dollar.

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